Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moms rule

A couple of things I'm really grateful for are: flushing toilets, cold apple juice, dry soda crackers, and a soft bed. Got walloped on Sunday and that sure makes the simple things really nice.

Happenings: Abbers had her first softball game Saturday. She hit a triple and played catcher. But her best role is team cheerleader. We hope to squeeze in 7 more games before the dreaded heat catches up with us.

Car: We are now the proud owners of Bruce's mother's Camry. Bruce and Elizabeth flew to Vegas and drove it back. Anybody want to buy Elizabeth's Saturn? We now seem to have 5 vehicles!

House: Cabinets in, walls painted, driveway and sidewalk poured, and lights working. Closing date - 5/12. Forgot to take camera last visit - will post photo next time.

David: Baptism was Saturday. Hope all went well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dear Master Wan,
I am finally giving you my answer as promised, it does not seem that I can think of any excuse.. I mean reason that I cannot babysit on friday, I asked everyone I know if they wanted to do something, i even offered to pay them and everything just kidding. But it does not sem that I have any pressing business, so it appears that I am available to babysit.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Braces

Finally, it's my turn to start. Here's a picture of me with braces on. I got them on Thurs. My teeth are still trying to get used to them. Thomas and I are on Spring Break so we get to sleep[ in more.We go to the pool earlier too. We have an "l' shape pool w/ a square spa. So lucky us. We now go to the Rincon stake at 10:30 for church. How is everyone? Our closing date on our house is May 15 and we get out of school on the 22. Can you believe that my b-day is a month from tomorrow. I will be the big 12 years old.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moms rule

Life is full of changes! My little redhead is now a member of the Air Force, awaiting high school graduation for basic training. What began as an innocent comment a month ago has blossomed into a path. I'm still a little stunned, but readily acknowledge God's help in showing us a good and maybe even a wonderful life choice.

David recently wrote and told us he wasn't transferred this go around. Well, we were! At church today, we got a new bishop and then were transferred to another ward, along with several families within our subdivision. We've only been going to the Sahuarita 1st ward for 2 months and now we will be going to the Cienega ward. Pros: The church is only 8 or 9 miles away instead of over 30, it starts at 10:30 instead of 8:00, and we accidentally went there when we first moved here, thinking it was our ward. So we have a little familiarlity with this ward. Cons: We will miss the 1st ward! The man they put in as bishop is awesome and we had made some nice friends. We're moving again and we still haven't moved into our house. So I'm released as assistant camp director and Elizabeth is no longer Laurel secretary. On we go!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

moms rule

Thomas and I were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. I handed him a few peanut butter cups and we started eating them. He turned to me and inquired, "Are the wrappers toxic?" I told him they were not. After a few minutes, I asked him if he had forgotten to take the paper off the peanut butter cup. He sortof grinned and said, "Yep."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marilee said I have to do this

We had our "Pre-Drywall Orientation" on Wednesday. This means that all of the framing is done, the plumbing, heating/air-conditioning (especially air-conditioning)/wiring are complete.

We went by to take pictures yesterday but our camera's batteries were dead. We tried to borrow a camera from a friend up the street but their batteries died, too. On looking, they had spare batteries in the case so we replaced them and seemed to be back in business. After 8 or so pictures, the camera announced that the memory was full and Karma seemed to say "no pictures today." We went back this afternoon on the way home from church (after charging the battery all afternoon yesterday) and I got about 100 pictures. Now when Marilee wants a picture or shelf hung I can say "show me where in the pictures" and can be reasonably sure I won't hit a pipe or wire.

It is very exciting!!

Marilee wants me to say "Hi, Ginger and Laura!" (we think they are the only ones that read these)