Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who knew there was a wall there?? We decided that "Tandoori Spice" might just look good on our stairway landing. What do you think? We're planning on filling the wall with family pics. Did I marry well or what??

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moms rule

Elizabeth and I went to the cannery Saturday and now we have very close to a year of nutritious, boring food. It brings satisfaction to us anyway. We have to store food in the house since the garage gets up to 102 lately. So I guess Elizabeth's "bedroom under the stairs" is now too full for her to live in. Oh, bother!

This is a pic of our ceiling in the front room. We had a monsoon this weekend, which is normal, but the gusts were very strong. The kids started yelling, "Mom, there's a leak!" I was hoping they were talking about something else, but sure enough, water was coming in from the roof. This crack is about 20 inches long, but should be taken care of under warranty. We're crossing our fingers that it was just rain being blown in through the vent on the roof.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Phoenix in the Fall

Bruce swept me off my feet and arranged for us to stay in Phoenix as an early 24th anniversary celebration. Elizabeth will be leaving for the Air Force just before our true anniversary so it's now or never. We stayed 2 nights and a day and a half in a 2-bedroom suite (Bruce is platinum) in the Marriott. We did a temple session, shopped (I'll have to tell you about Bruce trying on pants in the ladies dressing room - I swear, I didn't know), saw "Julie and Julia (quite good - loved Meryl), and ate at "Haus Murphey" which is a German restaurant in Glendale (Imagine eating Sauerbraten and listening to a tuba and accordian playing polkas!). We also walked through one of the biggest outdoor stores I've ever seen (complete with 8 foot aquarium, indoor stocked stream with manequin fisherman, and pistols that made me want to get my concealed weapons permit) right next to Toby Keith's bar and grill in which he was performing. Good times and a good idea!