Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moms rule

We have our pre-drywall inspection today! Hopefully, all the wires, pipes, and cables are in place and we can have walls soon. We will have an opportunity to go through our long-term stuff early since we were just informed it will be our responsibility to start paying 600 bucks a month to keep storing it or find another spot. Apparently, we had the terms of storage wrong - it was 60 days, not 6 months! So, Bruce found a 15 x 30 and we hope we can get it all in. Thank goodness he has Friday off and we can spend the day wondering where all this stuff came from!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

missing you

Our house is coming along nicely, Bruce loves his job, David is a happy missionary in Texas, Elizabeth is doing great in school and her new career path, Abigail received an award at school last week, Thomas has made 47,000 new friends at school, and we've settled into our routine more smoothly than is legally allowed. We've had outings (yes, us) as a family, our finances have loosened (ironically, when everyone else's is tightening), and I just took a final for a class that only took me 31/2 weeks to finish (although I made some harsh comments on their choice of final questions - sheesh). Life is looking so good - but in quiet moments, the tears must come as I miss you. I miss my dear church friends, who are closer to me than family. I miss the wacky PTA and their dedication and fun. I miss the schools and the teachers and families I've come to cherish in the district. I miss my neighbors and associates who I could always smile and wave at (without getting flipped off). I miss the schedule and expectations that lent structure to my life. I will miss the weather when it's 117 this July. There are good people here who will soon be my best friends, but the interim is difficult. They don't entirely understand my humor, but they chuckle with a puzzled look anyway. Eight years of struggle and triumph were reinforced when I was with you. I felt special. Well, I guess I still am, but I have to tell myself - and I'm not entirely trustworthy. The sadness is a sign that I left some amazingly valuable people in Escondido, (and even a few in Utah and other exotic places) and I'm sincerely grateful for the experience. Onward and upward, but the impression is permanent and gratefully retained. Much love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is the view from the guest bedroom upstairs. Makes you want to visit, doesn't it?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

This is how we celebrated Goundhog Day. Heated pool!! They drained, cleaned, and refilled the pool just recently - the water in the pool tastes much better now and it's a lot nicer on our skin:) Did I mention there is a spa, too?? Don't hate me!