Sunday, October 25, 2009

The story behind Bruce's famous cookies - as told to Elder Weston

So here’s the story behind Dad’s famous cookies. You remember that we are a total geek family and enjoy watching documentaries, how-to shows, and get goose bumps when we find a particularly satisfying reference work?? Abbers checks out “How the Digestive System Works”, “Basic Carpentry”, and “Magic School Bus”. Thomas made a house for his pencil eraser named George, complete with a working safe – filled with miniature 100 dollar bills. So we’re pretty much gone, right? Well, Dad started watching How It’s Made, a show on how manufacturing works. I confess that I found it alluring eventually. Then he started on the cooking shows and here’s where we pick up the story. Alton Brown is a bespectacled chef with a totally weird cooking show. On one episode, he cooked these chocolate chip cookies with bread flour, kosher salt, unsalted butter, real vanilla, etc. and used parchment paper to cook them. Well, Dad was really excited and wanted to make those cookies. So I bought the stuff on my next shopping trip and he solemnly whipped up a batch. It was almost a holy experience. He carefully placed 6 cookies per batch on the parchment covered pan, measured in ½ cup increments (after the dough had chilled overnight). In his apron and with his brow creased, he expertly and anxiously (using only one oven since we don’t have two in this house) hovered over the process until he had 30 perfectly shaped chocolate chip masterpieces. They are very good and he uses only the finest ingredients. His Sunday school class was most gratified to be taste testers. I’ll tell you the rib story later…….

Monday, October 19, 2009

How cool is it to visit your former home and feel that great "we still love you" feeling? It did my heart good to see dear friends and know my affection for them is reciprocated. I took Bruce and the kids this time - Bruce said he would like to do it again! Someone asked me if I had fun in Escondido this weekend and I had to stop and think. I wouldn't call it fun. I would call it a filling experience that goes a little further than "fun". It's seeing people and realizing that ties that have been stretched with distance bounce back when you do. Thanks, everyone!! PS Jim and Ginger still have the best pool ever!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We now have a queen-size bed in our David/guest room just itching for people to stay. Of course, you must pass our thorough exam and have a background check! Party!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elizabeth is nearly to her 4 week mark. She's hungry, tired, yelled at, and enjoying church more than ever in her life. She prays, reads her little Book of Mormon, and hangs on for dear life. She cries when she calls (two times already - they are the best female flight there and have been earning privileges), and when she reads letters from home. Here is a shot taken at Young Women just a few weeks before she left.
Look what Tucson has at 9000 feet?? Pine trees, and ski resort and RED LEAVES!! Talk about a breath of fresh air. We went to Mt. Lemmon, about 45 minutes north of us, and got out of the cactus and into the timber. It was great to be chilly, to listen to the quiet, and to take a chair lift up to the 9100 mark. This is where we had girl's camp this summer. Are we lucky or not??