Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow it's been a long time

Since anyone has posted apparently especially me, however I have some fantastic news! I GADUATE TECH SCHOOL IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll have no idea whahow good of news that is I cannot wait to get off this base, I really don't care to see it again, (watch I get sent back to this base next assignment :p). Don't get me wrong I love the area it's small and in the middle of nowhere but I love it, I have grown to love my branch they are incredible, the amount of love I feel for them, and get from them is amazing! I have made some incredible friends, in the branch, I've seen people come and go, including the people I was supposed to graduate with 3 weeks ago :( Stupid washback! I will miss the branch so much,i'm actually kind of dreading leaving the branch all the people i've come to know and love, Amy, the kendalls, the mulhollands, pres. and sister Davis, Sean, Mayra, to name a few that i've gotten really close to. They are some of the best. But I can't wait to leave this base I know it doesn't sound that bad it's just tech school right? How bad can it be? Honestly I wish I could explain it but I can't it's something you have to experience to understand, all the stress it's not just academics all though they are quite stressful enough, it's being treated like a kid all the time, obeying rules you don't understand but have to obey them anyways, the fear of being washed back, not to mention all the drama, there's a realson they call this place goodfellow high! After a while it just wears you totally and completely down, and you can't explain how you feel to anyone who hasn't exerienced it, i've tried, it's just one of those things you have to experience, oh and always having to say goodbye to the people it feels like you just met. I mean it hasn't been all bad, i've had some fun, made some mistakes, learned some lessons. Overall though i cannot wait to leave! if I could just live in San Angelo I would just not the base! But I graduate in 3 weeks yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ginger said...

Congrats! You deserve it! I don't know how you have been able to accomplish so much! You are a great example to everyone!