Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elizabeth is safely back in San Angelo, David comes home in 4 weeks, Abigail is busy playing basketball for her school team, and Thomas is now in possession of his green exercise ball and bounces instead of walking. Work is going well for Bruce and he's now the High Priest group leader secretary while still being an Elder - figure that! We now possess a brand new transmission in the Suburban - it broke during our Christmas visit to Utah. I'm waiting for my next class and am starting to enjoy freetime much too much. That class better show up tomorrow or I may decide I like retirement more than studying. So there you have it. Wonder what will happen tomorrow????


Kricket said...

Oh, that's too funny about Bruce's calling. I will be there when you come out in February! After all, they did change the time to more decent hour lol.

Ginger said...

It sounds like this is a good time for you. Can't be perfect since we are not there or you here, but we'll see you soon. Can't wait until David gets home, that will be so wonderful for you. Where did the time go?